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This campy, cult classic was filmed in Virginia City and the American Flats.  We are celebrating the 50th anniversary with a unique exhibition, film showings, and other festivities!

Written & Directed by Frederic Hobbs

Starring Christopher Brooks, Stuart Lancaster, E. Kerrigan Prescott, Peggy Brown, and Karen Ingenthron...and several of our locals as children!

Godmonster of Indian Flats Film Showings: 

$10 Adults, $7 Current Members, Seniors (65+), and Kids (6 years and under)

October 13, 7:00pm

October 14, 11:30am

October 14, 4:00pm

October 14, 7:00pm

October 15, 2:00pm

Frederic Hobbs was an American artist, writer, and director, known for his peculiar style and imagination.  His movies have a cult following, especially the Godmonster.  This movie was filmed on the Comstock, including Virginia City, Gold Hill, Silver City area, and the classic scene on our very own front lawn.  This campy movie is a must see.  According to the American Genre Film Archive, it is "so bad, it's good."

This movie is about a sheep embryo exposed to phosphorus gases and raised in a secret lab by Dr. Clemens.  The sheep escapes and runs amok, terrifying the town and challenging the law.  Meanwhile, politics, greed, and fear challenge a newcomer, Barnstable, arrives in town looking for real estate.  Mayhem ensues as only it could on the Comstock in such a film.  We will leave the rest as a suprise!

*Note:  this movie may not be appropriate for small children

Godmonster Celebration Art Exhibition Reception

October 14, 2023, 1-4pm

Free Admission


Post Gallery:  Scott MacLeod + Honey Coughlin

Van Bokkelen Galleries:  Honey Coughlin + Exquisite Corpse Exhibition

Meinecke Gallery:  Frederic Hobbs + Exquisite Corpse Exhibition

Exquisite Corpse Artists: 

Candace Garlock

Carol Garlington

Chelsea Howard

Corrie Zam-Northan

Cynthia Kennedy

Ed Martinez

Erin Shearin

Honey Coughlin

Judy Allen

Judy Tarachione

Kendall Nolan

Mike Cullen

Pam Castner

Paula Burris

Pete Paulos

Ronnie Rector

Rory Johnson

Shaun T. Griffin

Stephanie Elliott

Toby Tapley

See our Exhibition Page for details about the artists and the work HERE.

Sponsored in part by:  Something Weird Video, American Genre Film Archive, Pura Vida Sierras Art, Peter Kraemer, and the Ponderosa Saloon

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