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Fine Art Exhibitions

We are proud to offer seasonal and permanent art exhibitions in our 7 art galleries, featuring exquisite works by amazing fine artists and makers.

1st Floor Exhibitions:  Contemporary Local & Regional Artists

2nd Floor:  Historical Museum Exhibition & Artisan Gallery

3rd Floor:  Northern Nevada Artists & Themes (Permanent Collection)

4th Floor:  Virginia City Characters & Town

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"MEANING: The Search For"

Las Vegas artist and musician, Nancy Good, shares her large scale, immersive mural paintings throughout the first floor galleries.  This series is full of color, movement, and Nancy's unique method of incorporating her many talents, vision, and translation of vibrations into visual art.  

"Of particular importance is the interactive nature of the work. As an artist, I am cognizant of humanity's tendency toward pursuing instant gratification, which ultimately means we miss much of what is important in the world around us. I also understand intimately the challenges of creating an interactive experience with 2-dimensional paintings. Because this series directly relates to the universal “search for meaning,” I have found a way to hide things within the paintings that can only be seen when the viewer changes position. This physical change of position (to see elements that may be in plain sight but still unseen until viewed in a “new light”) alludes to how we, in day-to-day life, may be unable to accept or even see what is right before our eyes until we change the “light,” i.e. our attitudes, beliefs, opinions, etc."

Opens:  April 9, 2023

Original Exhibition Closes:  August 13, 2023

Reception:  May 14, 2023, 1-4pm


As a full-time artist, I understand the compelling urge to use our creations as a means to express ourselves. The underlying theme of my work, whether it's “analog” (paintings) or digital (photography), is visually translating the universality of our human experience; to share what we have in common with each other, regardless of our seemingly different life paths. Recognizing that this has been a source of inspiration for countless artists through time, my task is to use familiar materials and elements in fresh and unique manners. Believing that originality is a moving target, my studio practice devotes itself to fearless experimentation in form, color and application. Incorporating hidden symbols, shapes and typography, along with more overt allusions to the “journeys” we take in search of meaning, I have developed original techniques that invite interactive engagement with the viewer and even compel physical movement, i.e. a shift in position in order to see “invisible” elements within the mural-sized (usually 10' x 5' or larger), two-dimensional paintings.

Influenced by: visits to Australia, Africa, Vietnam; childhood residency in Japan; adult life as an artist, photographer, musician, fly-fishing river guide, backpacker, writer, and teacher in Montana, Nevada, California, Tennessee and Illinois; and my diverse DNA revealing connections with people the world over, I seek not only to give voice to contemporary expression but, even further, to meld our ancient ancestries with modern culture and knowledge. I am fascinated that the language of visual art has been expressing our humanity for as long as we were able to pick up a rock and scratch a story into stone or dirt.

Additionally, as a lifelong musician and vocalist, I have a keen awareness of the vibratory nature of life. From soundwaves to the movement of the smallest measurable fragments of nature's building blocks, there is vibration. Working with a sensory condition known as associative synesthesia, I am compelled to represent these vibrations via my color choices and gestural movements (small and large) on canvas; often utilizing hues that bounce against each other or even create an illusion of 3-dimensional form as they weave in and out of both visible and hidden layers. The intentional representation of vibrations created by these elements then communicates a musical aspect that is not only “felt” but also seen.

Ripple Effect Detail.jpg


St. Mary's Art Center has been an artistic and cultural staple of Virginia City and the Comstock since 1964.  Thousands of artists and makers have taught, learned, created, and collaborated within our walls.  As an 1876 historic cornerstone and former hospital, the property is often a favorite subject for artists, or as a prized location to view and paint Virginia City.  

Throughout the years, artists, makers, photographers, and writers have donated their work to our permanent collection.  This is an outstanding exhibition that artistically represents the state of Virginia City throughout the years, as well as the restoration evolution of the art center.  This exhibition is displayed throughout the 3rd floor gallery, guest rooms, studios, and more.

Our latest acquisition is this magnificent sculpture by the late Larry Williamson, titled "Great Basin Cookie Jar Cage".  Larry's work has been represented by Stremmel Gallery, collected for decades, and is pure genius. 


View the permanent collection and experience a diverse showcase of Comstock Art.

Opens April 9, 2023

Larry Williamson Great Basin Cookie Cage 2006.jpg
Ripple Effect Detail.jpg


Virginia City is proudly known for its unique residents, merchants, and "characters".  Several of these unique individuals are well known by locals and visitors alike.

Danette Steele's watercolor exhibition of her chosen subjects draws viewers in to see the personalities of some of our great residents, former and present-day.  View her body of work on the fourth floor, between the arts library and theatre.  These characters are the perfect group to welcome guests to the top floor of this historic former hospital.

Opens April 9, 2023

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