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Fine Art Exhibitions

We are proud to offer seasonal and permanent art exhibitions in our 7 art galleries, featuring exquisite works by amazing fine artists and makers.

1st Floor Exhibitions:  Contemporary Local & Regional Artists

2nd Floor:  Historical Museum Exhibition & Artisan Gallery

3rd Floor:  Northern Nevada Artists & Themes (Permanent Collection)

4th Floor:  Virginia City Characters & Town

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The Godmonster of Indian Flats movie, filmed on the Comstock, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.  Written and directed by artist, writer and director, Frederic Hobbs, it includes Burt Lancaster and an iconic scene on St. Mary's Art Center's front lawn.​

The exhibition features a fascinating combination of works, very much in the spirit of Hobbs, including work by Frederic Hobbs himself, Honey Coughlin, Scott Macleod, and an exquisite corpse collaboration exhibition with 20 local and area artists.  It is not to be missed!

Opens September 27, 2023

Exhibition Closes:  November 26, 2023

Reception:  October 14, 2023, 1-4pm

*Movie times coming soon

Ripple Effect Detail.jpg


Local artist Honey Coughlin shares stunning sculptural masks, Albatrocity sculptural installation, and images from American Flats in our Post and Van Bokkelen Galleries. 


A special slideshow documenting American Flats will be featured in the fourth floor Louise Curran Theatre.  This amazing historic site no longer exists, but Honey has captured the architecture and art through in her own style and perspective.


Exhibition Opens September 13, 2023

Exhibition Closes:  November 26, 2023

Reception:  October 14, 2023, 1-4pm

Honey Coughlin American Flats Pyramid Eye.JPG


Come visit us at the Reno Tahoe International Art Show in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center September 14-17, 2023.

We are thrilled to participate in this incredible compilation of galleries, artists, and other creatives.  We are featuring an eclectic curation of work: 


Corrie Zam-Northan

Ed Shepard

Martin A. David

Paula Saponaro

Pete Paulos

Pura Vida Sierras Art

Tom Gilbertson. - Awards Finalist in Mixed Media and Watercolor Categories

VIP Preview Night:

Thursday: 6pm - 9pm

Open to the Public:

Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday:  10am - 6pm

Sunday:  10am - 4pm

Scott MacLeod Desert Series.jpg


International artist and Comstock friend Scott MacLeod shares his whimsical and colorful Desert Series in the Post Gallery.

A previous exhibiting artist at St. Mary's Art Center and an Artist in Residence of the Silver City Artist Residency Program, Scott returns to add his own unique contribution to the Godmonster of Indian Flats exhibition.

Artist Statement:

Scott MacLeod's been writing, performing, painting, drawing, assembling, sculpting, collaging, printmaking, and generally being a thorn in his own side since 1976.  He's left traces of these activities all over Europe and the USA, mostly in the Czech Republic and in the California Bay Area, where he lived from 1976-2023.  He can't remember why he started painting desert scenes, but now that he's moved to Texas, he thinks maybe it was some sort of premonition, like Richard Dreyfuss' mashed potatoes in Close Encounters, which now that he wrote that down, is creeping himself out, because that has UFO's too. 


(Scott is a really funny guy!)

Opens September 13, 2023

Exhibition Closes:  November 26, 2023

Reception:  October 14, 2023, 1-4pm

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St. Mary's Art Center has been an artistic and cultural staple of Virginia City and the Comstock since 1964.  Thousands of artists and makers have taught, learned, created, and collaborated within our walls.  As an 1876 historic cornerstone and former hospital, the property is often a favorite subject for artists, or as a prized location to view and paint Virginia City.  

Throughout the years, artists, makers, photographers, and writers have donated their work to our permanent collection.  This is an outstanding exhibition that artistically represents the state of Virginia City throughout the years, as well as the restoration evolution of the art center.  This exhibition is displayed throughout the 3rd floor gallery, guest rooms, studios, and more.

Our latest acquisition is this magnificent sculpture by the late Larry Williamson, titled "Great Basin Cookie Jar Cage".  Larry's work has been represented by Stremmel Gallery, collected for decades, and is pure genius. 


View the permanent collection and experience a diverse showcase of Comstock Art.

Open for Viewing Now

Larry Williamson Great Basin Cookie Cage 2006.jpg
Ripple Effect Detail.jpg


Virginia City is proudly known for its unique residents, merchants, and "characters".  Several of these unique individuals are well known by locals and visitors alike.

Danette Steele's watercolor exhibition of her chosen subjects draws viewers in to see the personalities of some of our great residents, former and present-day.  View her body of work on the fourth floor, between the arts library and theatre.  These characters are the perfect group to welcome guests to the top floor of this historic former hospital.

Open for Viewing Now

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