Art Exhibitions by Local and Regional Artists

2022 Exhibitions

We are proud to offer seasonal and permanent art exhibitions in our 7 art galleries, featuring exquisite works by amazing fine artists and makers.

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Paula Saponaro

A Carson City artist, Paula Saponaro's exhibition titled "Redux" is a powerful body of work focused on social choices, perceptions, and influences and includes paintings, collage, and mixed media.  Her work is located on the first floor.

Opens:  September 4, 2022

Closes:  November 28, 2022

Reception:  October 15, 2022, 1-4pm

Ripple Effect Detail.jpg
The Ripple Effect.jpg

Pura Vida Sierras Art

Virginia City area artist, A. Perry, of Pura Vida Sierras Art's exhibition is titled "Rise. Resist. Repeat." She considers a variety of difficult choices, challenges, and assumptions in a diverse, yet intimate display.  This work includes mixed media, acrylic painting, sculpture, and collage.

Opens September 4, 2022

Closes November 28, 2022

RECEPTION:  OCTOBER 15, 2022, 1-4pm