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60th Anniversary

+ Spring Art Reception

We are proud to offer seasonal and permanent art exhibitions in our 7 art galleries, featuring exquisite works by amazing fine artists and makers.

ART RECEPTION:  May 18, 2024


Complimentary Admission & On-Site Parking

1st Floor Exhibitions:  Pam Brekas

2nd Floor:  Historical Museum Exhibition & Artisan Gallery

3rd Floor:  Northern Nevada Artists & Themes (Permanent Collection)

4th Floor:  Virginia City Characters & Town

Members receive complimentary admission to art galleries and historical tours: 

Please share your opinions and priorities with us:  



Enjoy a beautiful and expansive exhibition of Pam Brekas' abstract work throughout the first floor galleries.  This body of work is full of color, layers, texture, and movement.  

Pam has a long history with the art center, including artist retreats and collaborative pieces hung in our permanent collection.  

Opens March 31, 2024

Exhibition Closes:  July 8, 2024

Reception:  May 18, 1-4pm

Complimentary Admission and On-Site Parking Available

Light refreshments and four floors of stunning art and history are the perfect way to celebrate a Saturday on the Comstock.

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Larry Williamson Great Basin Cookie Cage 2006.jpg


St. Mary's Art Center has been an artistic and cultural staple of Virginia City and the Comstock since 1964.  Thousands of artists and makers have taught, learned, created, and collaborated within our walls.  As an 1876 historic cornerstone and former hospital, the property is often a favorite subject for artists, or as a prized location to view and paint Virginia City.  

Throughout the years, artists, makers, photographers, and writers have donated their work to our permanent collection.  This is an outstanding exhibition that artistically represents the state of Virginia City throughout the years, as well as the restoration evolution of the art center.  This exhibition is displayed throughout the 3rd floor gallery, guest rooms, studios, and more.

Our latest acquisition is this magnificent sculpture by the late Larry Williamson, titled "Great Basin Cookie Jar Cage".  Larry's work has been represented by Stremmel Gallery, collected for decades, and is pure genius. 


View the permanent collection and experience a diverse showcase of Comstock Art.

Open for Viewing Now

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Virginia City is proudly known for its unique residents, merchants, and "characters".  Several of these unique individuals are well known by locals and visitors alike.

Danette Steele's watercolor exhibition of her chosen subjects draws viewers in to see the personalities of some of our great residents, former and present-day.  View her body of work on the fourth floor, between the arts library and theatre.  These characters are the perfect group to welcome guests to the top floor of this historic former hospital.

Open for Viewing Now

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