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Art Lab is a pop-up maker's space designed to give our class participants more time to finish their works of art and for members and visitors to create and add to their experience at the art center.  

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Art Lab immediately follows Canvas & Cocktails classes and span three days and extended as our calendar allows.  Stations will be set up in either the Art Studio or the Print Room, depending on subject.


Hours are 11am-4pm Friday - Sunday, and 5-8pm during Art After Dark.

This maker's space is self-guided and for individuals 14 years and older

(some exceptions may apply with adult supervision)

Materials are included for registered Canvas & Cocktails and Arts & Crafts Revival participants

Non-Class Participants:  Materials Fees differ based upon subject.

See details below

Active Members receive a $5 discount.

We are currently working on finalizing class calendar.  Please check back for more details of mediums offered each month.

May 9-19

Acrylic Painting on Mini Canvas or Wood Base


Canvas & Cocktails Students Receive Complimentary Admission

June 21-23


July 19-21


August 9-11


September 20-22


October 18-20


November 15-17


December 20-22

Class Participants Only

Advance Registration Required

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