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We have fantastic classes for adults and children geared toward all skill levels, from the novice looking to try something new to pros who just want to have fun. Try something new! 

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Learn, Experiment, Create, & Have Fun!
Canvas & Cocktails + Arts & Crafts Revival
Class seats will be available for purchase soon!


This class is for adults 21+ years of age and older.  All skill levels are welcome.  This series includes cocktails, mocktails, snacks, and a tremendous amount of fun!  Meet your neighbors, make new friends, or simply enjoy an evening relaxing and creating.

May 18 - Non-Visual Drawing with Martin A. David


supplies included

June 22 - Mosaics Part 1:  Design & Assembly


supplies included 

July 20 - Mosaics Part 2:  Finishing Details

This session is for students from the June 22 class only


supplies included 

August 17 -  Acrylic Painting


supplies included

image reference will be provided by Liz Huntington Photography, featuring a Comstock scene

September 21 - Pumpkin & Gourd Painting & Decorating


supplies included 

October 19 - 2D & 3D Mixed Media Collage


supplies included 

Build layers of complexity and interest using individual choices of paper, paint, fabric, magazine clippings, and small objects.

November 16 - Silk & Fabric Gifts Dyeing


supplies included 

This class will utilize professional quality silk painting dyes to create long-lasting and colorful gifts (for others, or yourself!)

December 7 - Ornament & Vessel Designs with Paula Burris & Pura Vida Sierras Art


supplies included

A variety of techniques and options will be provided for participants to choose from!

Arts & Craft Class Logo.jpeg

This series is open to people 16+ years of age (some classes may have different age minimums for safety).  Classes are three hours and focus on mediums and subjects that have withstood the test of time for generations.  Enjoy an afternoon creating and reconnecting in this historic property.

September - No Class

October 22 - Basketweaving with Leigh Vandenberg

$45/student, supplies included

Create a beautiful basked perfect to hold favorite items, or to give as a special handmade gift.  This class focuses on creation of one basket with handles, with opportunities to add individual flair.  

November 19 - Cross-Stitching with Leigh Vandenberg

$40/student, supplies included 

Participants are invited to create beautiful cross-stitched cards or hoop work perfect for gift giving or adding a special touch to a multitude of items.  Learn or practice this therapeutic craft with Leigh and spend a nostalgic evening working with friends.

December 10 - Ornament Making (multiple mediums)

with Leigh Vandenberg, Paula Burris, & Pura Vida Sierras Art

$45/student, supplies included 

This is a truly special ornament-making workshop with a variety of techniques and mediums.  Learn paper-rolling, beading, alcohol ink, and clay in this dynamic multi-station workshop.  Students will have the option to make 3-4 ornaments (time and detail level spent dictates quantity), just in time for the holidays.

December 17 - Mosaics

$75/student, supplies included 

This afternoon class is full of texture, composition, and unique designs on a variety of substrates.  Participants are welcome to bring their own substrates (up to 14") or small objects to embed in the mosaics.  Did a beloved teacup get broken, but saved for a future use?  This is a great opportunity to repurpose beloved things into a new form.

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