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Our board is comprised of five dedicated trustees, each with diverse skillsets and experience that benefit St. Mary's Art Center and our mission.

Vanessa Stephens, Chairwoman and Treasurer

Shoshana Zeldner, Vice Chairwoman and Secretary


Nolan Preece

Martin A. David

Jay Carmona

Remembering Don Bailey:

We are extraordinarily sad to share the passing of our board member and friend, Don Bailey.

St. Mary's Art Center was established in 1964. Don joined our board in 1975 and was truly unique and driven his entire tenure with us. He never stopped advocating for the art center. He is the only board member to work with every single director that has ever served at the art center. That is a feat and required a certain fortitude to oversee such myriad personalities, visions, and styles.

Don believed in contributing and participating in his communities. He served on many boards throughout his lifetime, including Public Employees Benefits, Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, The Nevada Area Council (BSA), and over 45 years with the Boy Scouts, to name just a few.

He received the Silver Beaver award, which is the highest award an adult volunteer may receive from the Scouts.


He was also a proud Founding Father of the National State Printers Association, President of the Retired Public Employees of Nevada, a founder of Hot August Nights, and more.

He was on our board the longest of all though, and we are quite proud of that fact. He served with pride and focus for 48 years. The art center team and all who enjoy the historic 1876 former hospital property and our variety of arts and cultural programming, could not have been more fortunate.

Don is responsible for so many improvements, including securing a donation for all of the new plumbing fixtures in the building, much of our furnishings, and our flagpole and American flags over the years. A favorite quote from the original director, Louise Curran, in 1984 is a prime example: “Don Bailey, chairman of our board, is one of the best scroungers I know”.

He consistently donated significant items to our silent auctions and always drove folks to donate or join as members and is probably trying to influence everyone from above even now. His favorite role of all though was bartending during our special events and talking with our guests.

We dedicated our Imaginations Children’s Art Program to him a few years ago because children were so incredibly important and brought him so much joy. The Don Bailey Imaginations Children's Art Program, and the art center, will carry on his legacy of supporting the arts, preservation, and children. Children and Scout Troup #847 will help us celebrate and honor him through our special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt + Art, Halloween Tricks, Treats, & Art for Kids, and other special programming.

We have all lost an incredible human and advocate, but we hope and believe his memory and spirit will live on. He will forever be missed.

We love you, Don.

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