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We offer artists two residency options:  Individual Residency and the Communal Residency.  Artists are chosen by our Artist Residency Advisory Panel and Executive Director.  Artists may apply for the program or may receive a direct invitation from St. Mary’s Art Center.

Application Fees are $20 per application; waived for current St. Mary’s Art Center Members. 

Individual Residency:  Designed for the artist seeking a more independent and quiet residency, located in a private space within our building.  Resident Artists are encouraged to interact with our community and enjoy the uniqueness of the Comstock.


Communal Residency:  Offers multiple artists of all disciplines to come together and create within the same space, collaboratively or simply enjoying each other’s company and energies.  The Communal Residency operates under specific blocks of time and is theme based to foster continuity while contrasting various disciplines.

Guest Room 8 - 2nd Floor
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