Art Exhibitions by Local and Regional Artists

2021 Exhibitions

We are proud to offer seasonal and permanent art exhibitions in our 7 art galleries, featuring exquisite works by amazing fine artists and makers.

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Tom Gilbertson

Tom Gilbertson, a veteran, has a long, successful history in the arts as a fine artist, instructor and resident.  The themes of his work are derived from life experiences:  war, race relations, borders and immigration, degradation of the environment, and the general disfunction and follies of being human.  He uses found images from vintage books on mechanical movements and plant pathology as transfers layered with watercolors, drawings and paintings of plants and objects past their prime.  He wants to present as an underlying theme, what he feels are the natural dichotomies of our existence:  beauty, violence, ugliness, peace, life, death...  All are conditions of our presence on this earth.

His work joins Ed Shepard's and Larry Williamson's in a group show of three exceptional artists and friends who's work and contributions have spanned decades.

Exhibition Opens:  September 8, 2021

Exhibition Closes:  November 29, 2021

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Ed Shepard

A true Reno native, Ed (Shep) Shepard is a gifted fine artist, former art educator, administrator, and track coach.

Ed brings a softness and relatability to his portraits of amazing and important African Americans. His collection captures American history and the honors those who contributed to society in a myriad of ways.


A student of Larry Williamson and a peer of Tom Gilbertson, he is flanked by his friends and talented artists in this fall's art exhibition on the first floor.

Exhibition Opens:  September 8, 2021

Exhibition Closes:  November 29, 2021

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Larry Williamson

Larry Williamson is also a veteran with a long and distinguished career as an art instructor and artist.  Ed Shepard was one of his students and their relationship continues to this day.  Larry has worked and exhibited for decades, but has since retired from exhibitions in recent years, excluding this exciting group collaboration.  His work methods, artistic language and roots are deeply connected to Nevada's Great Basin and indigenous American culture.  He has always been interested in first nation people and their world.  Growing up among animals and spending much time on horseback has also been a big influence on his work.

Larry, a Virginia City local, completes this triumvirate of talent and friendship in this first floor exhibition.

Exhibition Opens:  September 8, 2021

Exhibition Closes:  November 29, 2021

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Pete Paulos 1.jpg

Pete Paulos

Pete Paulos is a gifted artist using cut handmade and specialty papers to create bold works celebrating human and animal forms, as well as the landscape.  He has a passion for capturing the emotions and passion of males in particular with a confidence and sensitivity that is refreshing and celebratory.  His unique perspective and work may be enjoyed in our third floor gallery.

Pete is also an Executive Pastry Chef and creates amazing edible art, sharing his talent with his students in our Edible Art with Chef Pete Classes.

Exhibition closes November 29, 2021