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In addition to our amazing arts programming and events is our passion for restoring, rehabilitating, and improving this 1876 historic former hospital.  The property is a cornerstone of Virginia City and Comstock history, a true gem tucked away off of C Street with an amazing view of Virginia City and Mount Davidson.

St. Mary's Art Center has been the steward of this property since 1964 when Louise Curran and Father Meinecke proposed the idea of turning the property into an art center.  Since that time, a wild array of work has been done to preserve and protect this beauty.  We are ever thankful for the support of Storey County, Nevada State Historic Preservation Office, Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation, our donors, members, volunteers, board of trustees, and staff for helping us continue this important work.

The winter and shoulder seasons are often our time of focus on large and small projects.  We close our doors to the public and focus passionately on ways to protect and elevate the property, expand our programming to visitors, and ensure the legacy lives on.

Our current work this winter and spring includes:

- Rehabilitation of the windows on the east elevation of the main building

- Installation of three new solar field inverters which dramatically reduce our ever-rising electric bills

- Repair and upgrade of the Fire Riser Room, backflow system, and access road from a backflow failure this past November

- Painting of Guest Rooms and Galleries

- Annual Maintenance

Upcoming Planned Projects:

- ADA Ramp & Parking Spot on East/North areas of the main building

- Stabilization of two Outbuildings

Future Projects:

- Elevator Design & Installation

- Lighting Upgrades (Galleries & Guest Rooms)

- Seismic Stabilization, As Needed

- Cottage Brick & Stone Repointing

- Additional Landscape Upgrades

Previous work has included:

CCCHP/CCA Total Grants Awarded:  $1,265,378.89


2019/20 – Porch and Print Room Restoration, Chimney Repointing

2014 – Emergency Boiler Replacement and Installation 

2009 – Fire Escape Reconstruction and Window Rehabilitation 

2008 – Window Rehabilitation - $150,000 

2006 – Design and Construction of Fire Sprinkler System and Riser Room - $188,000 

2005 – Construction of ADA Bathroom, Overhaul Boiler System - $262,201

2005 – Construction of 2 ADA Bathrooms/Plumbing Upgrades - $135,000 

2003 – Installation of 2nd Hot Water Boiler, Staircase Restoration, Heating Pipe Covering, Radiator Installation, Metal Roofing 

2001 – Heating System Installation - $70,000 

2000 – Heating System Electrical Upgrade and Roof Insulation - $72,810 

Storey County Funded Projects (Highlights, Not Complete List):

2023 - Solar Field Inverter Replacements

2023 - Fire Riser Room Repairs and Backflow System Upgrade

2017 - Driveway Pavement

2019 - Security System Installation

2019 - IT Infrastructure

2018 - Cottage Basement Concrete Floor & Leak Mitigation







The CCCHP grants are a funding cornerstone of our restoration and preservation efforts.  Through these grants, and Storey County Building Grants, we are able to achieve great improvements to protect and preserve this magnificent property.  We work closely with the SHPO staff and our engineers and contractors to design and implement the best solutions for the buildings.

CCCHP Grant 19-12

We were awarded a fantastic $112,000.00 grant to help restore our leaking porch, damaged and leaking print room, deteriorating east façade windows and repointing of our brick chimney.  Simerson USA is the project contractor. The work has been completed and the Print Room is available for printmaking and as a classroom for the first time in four years.  This project was funded with the assistance of the Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation.


Last, but never least, our amazing members and patrons provide on-going support for our programming and numerous operating costs.  We love having this diverse family of art and history lovers.


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